The RRT-21 is JETBeam’s new super pocket light. Most of JETBeam’s lights are very bright for their size, but the RRT-21 is on another level.

Using a CREE XM-L LED and two CR123 lithium batteries, the RRT-21 spits out 460 lumens on high. That is enough power to do pretty much anything that you would need this light to do. Since the XM-L LED is larger than the previous XP-G LED, the hot spot will be a little bigger on this version of the RRT-21. The wider hot spot and higher output of the RRT-21 makes for a larger over all volume of light. This increase in volume allows the RRT-21 to light up a larger area at once than previous versions with the smaller LED. Having more of a floody beam is very useful in EDC tasks since you don’t get the tunnel vision effect that comes along with a lot of other lights.

JETBeam puts out some of the highest quality and most unique lights available today. The XM-L LED combined with JETBeam’s rotary system makes the RRT-21 an instant favorite.