I love writing about fun items, and the Fenix TK70 definitely qualifies as a fun item!

In the flashlight world almost all of the super high output lights are powered by some form of lithium battery. The TK70 bucks that trend by utilizing the ubiquitous D cell battery. Using a D battery makes the TK70 super convenient for the regular Joe that wants to play around with a light brighter than anything he’s seen previously. The D battery is much easier to find and a lot cheaper than its lithium counterpart. Thanks to the D cell, battery changes are safe, quick, and most of all inexpensive. Rechargeable NiMH batteries are definitely recommended, although regular alkaline cells will work.

The TK70 tops out at 220 lumens, so it is definitely brighter than anything else in its class. The poor Mag lite doesn’t stand a chance!