The JETBeam RRT-15 is the upgraded version of the RRT-1. The new upgrades improve the functionality immensely and also provide higher output than the previous version of this light.

The RRT-15 is now equipped with a CREE XM-L LED which provides a higher overall volume of light. The new larger XM-L give the beam more spill while still maintaining a bright hot spot. Along with the LED upgrade the RRT-15 got a new infinitely adjustable rotary ring. The rotary ring allows the user to choose minimum brightness, the max of 480, and anything in between. The end user can quite literally choose the exact amount of light he or she needs for the task at hand. Three CR123 batteries power the RRT-15 instead of 2 like the old version used.

If you liked the RRT-1 then you will definitely love this light. The rotary ring combined with an XM-L makes this one fun to use!