Nowadays, there seems to be a lot of  flashlights that have the ability to use two separate battery types, and for an EDC light the feature does come in very handy. However, most of these lights tend to have an extender piece that needs to be attached, and if it ends up getting lost, then the light is limited to one battery type, leaving you in the dark (no pun intended) if you need to use the other battery type. Zebralight saw the issue with this design, so when they released the SC80, they actually designed the adapter piece to be placed inside of the light so that it never needs to be removed from the light. The brass piece allows the SC80 to run either a CR123 with an output of 220 lumens, or AA (preferably Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable) at an output of 200 lumens. While the internal battery adapter is unique for the Zebralight selection, the user interface remains the same as the rest of the product line, and the quality build is impeccable (just ask Casey what happened to his SC30). All in all, the size of the light makes it a great choice for an EDC light, along with its adapting brass insert and the incredible lumen output.