When Fenix upgraded the PD20 and PD30 to the PD22 and PD32 respectively, they only found it fair to make the same upgrades to the small AA cell-powered flashlights as well.  Therefore, the Fenix LD10 and LD20 have been upgraded to the LD12 and LD22 with all new dual switch operation and an anti-roll body design, but still has the same reliability as its predecessors. The LD12 is an ideal light for those that are looking for something compact, while the LD22 is for those that are looking for a solid EDC light that has a little more firepower, all while using the conveniently available AA battery cells. With a single AA, the LD12 can produce up to 115 lumens and the LD22 can produce 190 lumens from the XP-G R5 LED, and include four different modes with an easy to learn interface using the side switch.  Both lights do come with a removable pocket clip, which allows the light to remain still and quickly accessible while in the pocket, or attached to another location.