Admired for being able to make a compact light produce an incredibly high amount of lumens, Zebralight’s SC600 and SC600W’s 750 lumen output from a flashlight no longer than 4.2 inches. From the succession of the SC600 series, Zebralight released two high-powered headlights (the H600 and H600W) as a choice for those that want a light with bright output, yet allow hands-free use. Powered by the CREE XM-L LED, the H600 series boasts the same output as the handheld light version, yet maintains a smaller and lighter profile, making it incredibly comfortable to rest on the head (sometimes it feels like the light is not even there). A standard for all of the Zebralight headlight products, the H600 series includes an elastic headband that is comfortable enough to wear on your head, yet strong enough to hold on in bumpy situations. It also includes a pair of light holsters – black and glow in the dark – that keep the light snug and prevent any chance of twisting or falling out of place. Keep in mind that the H600 series can only use a lithium-ion 18650 battery, and cannot use any CR123 format battery.