The Zebralight SC60w is a pocket light for the flashlight connoisseur. This light is perfect for the person who wants a LOT of output, true color representation, and great run time.

This version of the SC60 has an added “w”, which means this flashlight will have a more neutral tint than most others. Instead of having a blue or even green tint, the SC60w’s LED will have a tint more similar to an incandescent bulb. While tint isn’t a concern for some users, there are situations where having a neutral tint is desirable. The SC60w is optimized to run on 18650 batteries, so you won’t be burning through expensive lithium primaries. The 18650 rechargeable battery allows the SC60w to run at 270 lumens for 2 hours on max brightness. The 5 lower brightness settings will allow it to run even longer.

The quality of materials and craftsmanship really sets Zebralight apart from most others, and the SC60w is no exception.