If you are looking for a well built flashlight that has a ton of output and throws to the moon, then you’ve found it. The JETBeam RRT-1 fits that role perfectly.

Running off of 2 CR123 primaries or a single 18650, the RRT-1 puts out a max of 313 lumens for two hours. If you do choose to use a rechargeable lithium battery, you won’t have to worry about over discharging your cell since the RRT-1 has a built in protection circuit. A tail cap clicky is used to power on the light, and output modes are chosen using a rotary ring near the bezel. Rotary ring selectors make switching between output modes very fast and intuitive. The R5 LED paired with the extra deep reflector allows the RRT-1 to throw for days. The beam stays very tight making it easy to illuminate objects for hundreds of yards. Even on lower brightness settings the RRT-1 is able to light up objects out to 100 yards, allowing you to save battery life if the max brightness isn’t needed.

That’s enough talk, watch the video and lighten your wallet!