Zebralight can make it a little confusing to know exactly what it is that you want in one of their lights, so hopefully this video will help clear that up some.

The SC51 is a small every day carry light that is powered by a single AA battery. The “F” model dictates a model that will come with a frosted lens. While having virtually zero throw, the frosted lens version of the light is still incredibly useful. Sometimes lighting up a wide area directly in front of you is more useful than lighting up a tiny spot hundreds of yards away. The other version, the “Fw” model, comes with a frosted lens and a neutral white LED. Color rendition is sometimes not quite right with LED emitters, so if a person wants to be guaranteed a true white light this is the flashlight for them. The only real downside to having the true white color is slightly decreased output.

Of course, you can’t really get a good idea of what a flashlight is like until you see it in action. Both of these flashlights put out a lot of light, but after watching the video it should be easier to choose which one is best for your needs.