The Zebralight SC51w is the neutral white version of the incredible SC51. The SC51 is an amazing every day carry light due to its small size, great output, and reliance on very common batteries.

The SC51 is actually optimized to run best on either alkaline or NiMh batteries, meaning when your light goes dead you won’t have to go hunting for an expensive and sometimes hard to find lithium battery. This tiny little light is capable of putting out 172 lumens on high, giving you plenty of light for most any task you can throw at it. The neutral white tint of this SC51 gives much better color rendition than the cool white version. Instead of having a blueish or even greenish tint, you will get a true white color that is not seen with very many LED’s. Other than the tint of the LED and the max output, everything else is the same as the regular version of the SC51. You still have 6 different brightness settings and the same high quality body.

If you’re looking for a flashlight that can fit just about anywhere that is still amazingly bright, then look no further. The SC51w is one of those flashlights that just plain works.