The Zebralight SC31F and SC31Fw operates exactly the same as its brother, the SC31. The only difference between the SC31F and SC31 is that the “F” version has a flood beam. Instead of having a beam with a definite hot spot in the center, the SC31F will be more of a flood and will light up a wider area at once.

The flood beam is very useful for close quarter situations, which is just about any situation you’d encounter in an urban environment. The SC31F will not have much throw at all so if you need a light which will cover some distance, the regular SC31 is probably a better choice. There are two models linked above, the SC31F and SC31Fw. The only difference between those two flashlights is the color of the light it produces. The “Fw” indicates that it has a warm tint which will represent colors with higher fidelity. In situations where exact color representation is vital the “Fw” shines.

Watch the video below and the above will hopefully make more sense. There are a lot of numbers and letters being thrown around so the video definitely helps to clear things up.