The Zebralight SC31  and SC31w are a rock stars in the compact flashlight world. Zebralight is known for their awesome user interface as well as being able to cram as much power and run time into as small of a package as possible.

The SC31 reaps the benefits of both of those assets. The SC31 uses the same intuitive interface that has become so popular with other Zebralight flashlights. In addition to the amazing interface, the SC31 offers incredible output despite its diminutive size. The SC31 is not much bigger than the battery which powers it, the CR123 lithium cell. Zebralight placed the on/off switch on the front bezel of the flashlight which makes it smaller than just about any other comparable torch. Despite the tiny size the SC31 still manages to spit out 220 lumens on high, which is brighter than a lot of lights 3x its size.

The video below demonstrates just how effective the SC31 is while also showing the difference between the cool white and neutral white versions. Press play and enjoy!