Sunwayman is known for making quality lights in general, but one thing they do especially well is headlamps. Headlamps are some of the most useful kind of lights out there because of one simple rule, they are hands free. The H51c and H51Fc are the high CRI versions of Sunwayman’s ever popular AA headlamps.

Accurate color rendition is something that is gaining popularity in the flashlight world. The old days of incandescent lights were exempt from the color fidelity issues. With the introduction of LED emitters the issue of true color representation became known. Most LED’s emit a cool tint of light which leans towards being blue, in turn making objects appear to be a different color than they really are. High CRI LEDs emit a warmer tint which provides more natural and accurate color representation. This higher fidelity that the high CRI LEDs provide is at the cost of output, but the amount of output lost is negligible in most cases.

If true color representation is important for your uses then the H51c is a great choice. Check out the video below to get a better idea of how the warmer tint looks.