Headlamps are extremely useful in pretty much any situation where light is needed. The usefulness is no secret as many companies are starting to produce newer and better headlamps each year. One drawback that often comes along with new and better equipment is higher price. Many of the headlamps that we sell today are above the hundred dollar mark. Those lights are definitely worth every penny, but having more affordable options is definitely a plus.

One thing that Fenix does extremely well is affordability. Fenix is known for having extremely high quality products at very affordable prices. The HP11 headlamp is really no exception to that rule. In the world of high dollar headlamps Fenix offers the sub hundred dollar HP11 which sacrifices nothing in terms of quality and performance. The HP11 holds its own against other similar lights with a max output of 277 lumens, which is more than enough light for just about any situation. The HP11 also utilizes AA batteries which means finding replacement cells is both easy and cheap compared to its lithium counterpart.

If you’re looking for a good light to throw on top of that head of yours then the HP11 is definitely something you should consider. The price/performance ratio is almost unmatched.