As usual, I went completely overboard making flashlight videos this week (I stopped at 18 thanks to the record levels of pollen killing my voice). I’m really glad that I do this for a living, because my obsession with creating light would be a little unhealthy if I did not profit from it.

First up is a video featuring my current favorite light, the ZebraLight SC30, along with the SC30w, SC50, and SC50w. The w notates a warm tint, which is closer to what you would see with an incandescent bulb light, like the class Mini MagLite.

I posted about my love for the SC30 a little while back, and the infatuation still stands. I’ve been really pleased with the performance and ease of use of the light, so having the AA option in the SC50 and SC50w will be great for those of you that do not care for lithium batteries.