ENO Hammocks and Accessories are in

enodoublenest_khaoliWhat’s next in the new product onslaught? How about some laziness aids? ENO is a company out of North Carolina that makes some really nice, comfortable, durable, and lightweight hammocks. They have all the accessories to go along with the hammocks, including pouches, bug nets, rain flies, etc.

Hammocks are a great way to cut weight and get yourself off the ground and away from the less adventurous critters. I always have my best nights of sleep in a hammock, especially when I couple it with a sleeping pad. You can add under quilts for cold weather, making it a four season sleeping option. The rain flies can be adjusted to not only block the rain, but any prevailing winds.  Mount them up higher on a summer night to catch any breezes that happen to be coming through the area. As long as you have a couple of attachment points, you can use your hammock. Even if you don’t have a way to attach it, being creative enough will still get you hanging.

The ENO Single Nest is, well, for a single person. The Double Nest is their more popular model, since having another person with you is (usually) even better. Just hope it is someone that you want to be in a hammock with, and not some dude that forgot his tent (and his camp soap).