Next up we have the Olight SR90 Intimidator. I might have to do another video where I have more than 100 yard or so to show the thing off, because it is ridiculous. If you have a job or volunteer in a position where you need to see things that are far away at night, the SR90 is hard to beat. The light is rated to light up objects up to a kilometer away. I can’t even see that far during the day in the pollen haze that we have during spring in Georgia.

The light is easily one of the nicest that I sell and have ever seen. The machining is top notch, the case is really nice, and the performance is incredible. I know it sounds like I am gushing about one of my own products, but the SR90 really is fun to use and is a serious tool for those that need it (or just want a ton of light). The one big drawback is the weight. At about 3.5 lbs, the SR90 is definitely not made for ultralight backpackers and the included padded shoulder strap is highly recommended for extended use.