If you’ve ever been to our store in Smyrna, you have probably seen the monster lights next to the register, and you may have remembered how super bright and super focused they were. Those were the Olight SR90 lights: heavy duty search lights with a built in battery that ensured super throw with an incredible run time.

Now, Olight has released two new powerhouse flashlights as upgraded versions of the series: The SR95 and the limited edition run SR95UT. Producing an outrageous 2000 lumens from a single SST-90 LED, the Olight SR95 has a throw distance of 728 meters (that’s 2,362 feet)! While that’s impressive, the SR95UT – using a SBT-90 LED with only 1050 lumens – can produce a throw of 820 meters (that’s 2690 feet). No, that wasn’t a typo: the SBT-90 LED is so focused, combined with the deep and smooth reflector of the SR95 series, that it can throw its beam over half a mile. The lights have a very simple user interface by holding down the switch to access three modes, and double clicking the button to engage strobe. These lights are the perfect candidates for home defense, search and rescue, property surveillance, and many other tasks.