Spark initially hit the scene with only headlamps, but now they are venturing into the world of hand held flashlights. The SL5-210CW and the SL5-180OW are two of the new hand held lights that Spark is producing.

Both of these lights run off of a single AA battery which pushes a CREE XP-G LED. The 210OW has a traditional cool white beam with a max output of 210 lumens as the name implies. The 180OW sports a warmer high CRI tint which represents colors with more clarity. While the 180OW version does have higher color fidelity, it sacrifices output to some extent. The cool white version tops out at 210 lumens while the 180OW tops out at 180. The decrease is output is not as drastic as it sounds in use. Both of these torches sport two different switches, but unlike other dual switch lights both of the buttons do the same thing. The tandem dual switches gives the end user great versatility while using the light.

Spark has demonstrated excellent quality with their headlamps which translated over into the hand held lights. These are two of the nicest little pocket lights available.