The Zebralight H51 may strike you as an odd choice for a flashlight, but it doesn’t take long to understand what makes this light so useful.

The H51 and H51w, which is the neutral white version, are both designed to be high output headlamp lights. Optimized to run off of alkaline or NiMh rechargeable AA batteries, the H51 gets amazing run time out of very common and inexpensive batteries. Using lithium ion rechargeable batteries is not suggested with this model. Max output tops out at a blinding 200 lumens, and like all other current Zebralights there are 5 other brightness modes. The shape of the H51 makes it perfect for a headlamp when using the included head strap, but it also works just as well as a hand held unit.

Of course a video gives you a better idea of how a flashlight works than words do, so I include 6 minutes of better perspective below.