When you absolutely need to make fire now and the conditions aren’t ideal, you need a product like UCO Storm Proof Matches. These things will light and continue to burn no matter what. It’s actually pretty amazing.

These UCO matches will light in any condition you can imagine and will continue to burn for up to 15 seconds. They will burn even if they are smothered, completely submerged under water, or exposed to gale force winds. When UCO says storm proof, they mean it. If you are an avid outdoors-man, or even a preparation oriented person, you know the importance of being able to make fire when it is needed most. Fire is the universal survival tool; it has so many uses that being unable to create it is not an option.

UCO matches make a perfect addition to a bug out bag or small survival kit. Come to think of it, they are a perfect item for pretty much any kit. If you still aren’t quite convinced, watch the video and behold the inextinguishable fire.