Ever since the creation of flashlights, people have always wanted to have the biggest and baddest torch that ever existed. Not necessarily as a need, but a tool that can be used to easily illuminate a great amount of space, and could possibly be seen from the international space station (just kidding). One problem, however, has always been the cost of purchasing a high-power flashlight for a decent price, but Xtar’s S1 has provided the answer to the question of a good light that can produce a lot of light for a fair price.

Producing a whopping 2350 lumens from its three XM-L LED’s, the S1 is powered by three 18650 batteries and has a total reach of 475 meters (which is very impressive for any 3x XM-L light). The light uses a ramping ring to control the lumen output between 15 and 2350 lumens, along with a strobe and SOS feature that can be easily accessed, which is perfect to use for defense or in emergency situations. By eliminating the need of a tail switch, the S1 can be used as a tail stand light, which only compliments its heavy duty aluminum body and IPX-8 waterproof rating.

When it comes to heavy duty lights that perform extremely well for a great price, the Xtar S1 seems to be the best choice out there.