Surefire flashlights are as American as apple pie and baseball, and is most likely a household name for any flashlight enthusiast. Recently, Surefire has decided to expand its market of flashlights into the realm of headlights, with their brand new Maximus headlight.

Using an internal rechargeable battery, the Surefire Maximus can produce up to 500 ANSI lumens from it’s high-power LED,  the Maximus headlight is designed to handle extreme conditions, and the ramping function interface to control a custom lumen output combines ruggedness with luxury for a fine quality light. The Maximus has been designed to rotate up and down to 90 degrees, allowing the light to be directed in any specific way as necessary by the user of the light itself.

While performance is important to the user of the flashlight, comfort can also be a big issue, and having a sweat-filled headband can ruin the appeal of any headlight user quickly. By using the Breathe-O-Prene forehead pad, the Maximus is placed comfortably on the user’s head, and actually wicks away moisture from the pad, which will keep the forehead virtually dry and will keep the pad from smelling.

For a rechargeable headlight produced by the biggest name in the flashlight world, the Surefire Maximus sets the standard for all high quality headlamps.