So far for the new Niteye brand, we’ve reviewed a great selection of lights that fit the wants and needs of any person that’s looking for a good pocket light or a good and functional tactical light. What we have yet to review, however, is a light that uses AA batteries instead of CR123’s or 18650’s. Granted that the lithium-powered cells are more powerful and better performing than the traditional alkaline batteries, but when it comes down to convenience and affordability, the Niteye EYE12‘s AA capability makes it a perfect choice for an EDC or emergency flashlight.

Using a CREE XM-L U2 LED that produces an impressive 260 lumens, the EYE12 is powered by two AA battery cells, which makes it a perfect starting light for those that are looking to delve into the high performance flashlight realm and wanting to stick with convenience first. The light has a tail switch that is used to turn the beam on and off, while the ramping ring located towards the head of the light is used to manage the lumen output, which allows the user to set the beam at a preferred mode rather than using programmed settings.

The body of the EYE12 is constructed out of aerospace aluminum, which allows the light to be durable and reduces damage by impact or accidents. The stainless steel bezel located on the head gives the light an executive finish, while it doubles over as reinforced protection of the lens and LED. Just like the other Niteye flashlights, the EYE12 comes standard with the IPX-8 waterproof rating, meaning that the light can handle heavy rain storms and can be dropped in water without any worries.