Surefire has been doing flashlights the right way for years and years. The two models shown in the video below are no exception. The 6PX Pro and 6PX Tactical are both extremely bright and compact flashlights.

Both lights run on two CR123 batteries and put out a whopping 200 lumens on high. The main difference between the two is the mode of operation. The tactical version only has one output mode, which is 200 lumens. The pro model has two output modes; 15 lumens on low and 200 on high. Furthermore, the tactical version’s tail button only operates as momentary activation. To make the flashlight operate as constant on, you must tighten the tail cap. The tail button on the pro version allows you to cycle between the two brightness modes, and also choose between momentary and constant activation.

Considering the exceptional build quality and amazing output, you really can’t go wrong with either of these lights.