ThruNite has made a name by making large high output lights.  The  1AA and 2AA Neutron flashlights are still very high output torches, but they are a lot smaller than what is commonly seen from ThruNite.

The Neutrons shown in the video below utilize the ubiquitous and affordable AA battery, making it painless to replace batteries when they eventually run out of juice. Highly efficient circuitry allows this light to get the most out of the AA while still having good run time. 5 different brightness settings ranging from .1 all the way to 260 lumens ensures that you will have just the right amount of light for any situation. The reverse switch on the tail cap makes cycling through modes as easy as pressing a button. To access turbo mode all you need to do is turn the light on, then tighten the front bezel.

The Neutron series of lights bring Thrunite into the EDC flashlight world in a big way. Extremely high output and small size makes this an instant hit with flashaholics. If you’re still craving more information you’re in luck. The video below gives you an idea of just how bright this light is in use.