The Neutron series is ThruNite’s first foray into small high output flashlights. Producing mostly large lights means that ThruNite was all but excluded from the EDC world. The Neutron changes that completely.

The 1C and 2C  Neutron’s are the same as the AA versions, except that they use the CR123 lithium power cell. The CR123 battery allows the light to have a smaller overall size while also providing a longer run time and higher output. Operation is the same as the other Neutrons. A reverse switch on the tail cap allows the user to cycle through the 5 different output modes. Turbo mode is accessible by pressing the switch on and tightening the bezel. The XM-L LED gives the Neutron a floody beam which is perfect for EDC tasks.

Watch the video below and you’ll understand why we like this light so much.