4Sevens is known for making high quality, extremely bright flashlights that won’t break the bank. The S12 is no exception.

The 4Sevens S12 is a compact flashlight that has the output of a much larger spotlight. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, this thing puts out 800 lumens on the max brightness setting using the SST-90 LED. The S12 uses a proprietary 26650 battery that allows it to run on man brightness for an hour and a half. The S12 has a lower setting of 120 lumens, and it will run for a respectable 13 hours at that brightness.

When you think of this light, the term pocket rocket comes to mind. It is honestly hard to comprehend the amount of light that comes out of this little guy. To get a feel for just how bright this thing is, watch the video.