The Surefire E2L-AA Outdoorsman is Surefire’s first production AA powered light, which is a big departure for the company that has been making only CR123 (and one CR2) powered lights up until now other than their rechargeable options. Surefire always includes batteries with their lights, so they, of course, include lithium Energizers. Regular alkalines work fine in the E2L, but Surefire recommends against them if you want the best performance. That, and having an alkaline leak in a $165 flashlight might make you cry.

The E2L has two outputs, 3 and 80 lumens. The 3 lumen mode is perfect for up close work or when you want to conserve battery power. The 80 lumen mode is there for when you need more output and are trying to light up farther away objects. The light uses Surefire’s TIR lens/optic for a really nice combination of throw and flood.

Here it is in action: