The Surefire AZ2 Combatlight is my new favorite light from Surefire. Similar to the A2L Aviator, the AZ2 has a main bright LED surrounded by four secondary LEDs. The secondary LEDs are not nearly as bright as the main one, but they have a really nice floody light that lights up a wide area in front of you. The main LED is more focused and is good for distances.

When you first press the switch, the secondary LEDs are activated. A full press turns the main LED on as well, so you have a great combination of an up close and distance light. The AZ2 has the best combination of the two that I have seen in any light from Surefire or any other company. As with most Surefire lights, this model is powered by two CR123 batteries that are included with the light.

Yes, I know the light is pricey, but a flashlight is so essential to me that if I have the funds, the AZ2 is an easy choice.

Here it is in action: