NiteCore updated their EZ AA light with a new, brighter LED and a more versatile interface that still keeps the easy feel of the old light. The old light had two modes, accessed by tightening the head of the light. First up was low, with high available as you tighten further. The new light has infinite brightness, giving you a much wider array of available brightnesses. Loosen and tighten the head and the EZ AA starts ramping through the brightnesses. Loosen and tighten it again to keep the one you want.

The EZ AA is one of the brightest AA lights I have seen, which is even more impressive considering its diminutive size. It is half the volume of other single AA lights, but puts out 160 lumens. The EZ AA is a perfect light for pocket carry or backpackers looking for a compact, lightweight light that still has impressive output when you need it.

Watch it in action: