The Sunwayman V10A and V20A are both excellent every day carry lights suited for most any task.

Both lights use the ubiquitous AA cell allowing you to replace the battery without thinning your wallet. The V10A uses a single AA, and is capable of 140 lumens on high. The V20A uses 2 AA batteries and is a little brighter, maxing out at 210 lumens. Both torches put out more than enough light to handle most situations. The best feature of these lights has to be the variable output ring. This ring allows the user to choose between minimum and maximum brightness, and anywhere in between. No longer will you be stuck with preset brightnesses that can be too bright or too dim for the task at hand. A simple twist of the ring allows you to dial in the exact amount of brightness you desire. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Of course, both the V10A and V20A have the same quality in manufacturing as all other Sunwayman lights, so you know you are buying a quality tool. Words are good, but video is better. Play the video below to get an idea of how these lights perform in the real world.