A new feature among high output flashlights is the infinitely adjustable output ring. This ring allows you to choose your desired brightness level instantly. You can go from 0 to max output, and anywhere in between.

The NiteCore Infilux IFE2 is equipped with adjustable output ring, putting it in a class of flashlights with few members. The IFE2 is powered by two CR123 lithium batteries which push a Cree XP-G R5 LED. Max brightness for this light peaks out at a blinding 345 lumens, while the lowest setting is almost imperceptible at .003 lumens. Thanks to the adjustable ring, you aren’t stuck using preset brightness settings which can be too much or too little for the task at hand. Choosing the exact amount of brightness you want is as easy as twisting a ring.

It’s hard to describe just how useful the IFE2 really is, so below is a video which shows it in use. Watch it and enjoy!