The Sunwayman M20A is one of those lights that is just good to have around. It takes batteries that are very common and inexpensive, while also having the power and versatility to serve most every lighting need.

The M20A’s Cree R-5 LED puts out an amazing 220 lumens on high using AA batteries. The run time on the max brightness setting is 2.5 hours, which is very good considering AA batteries weren’t designed for this kind of high output use. Using rechargeable AA batteries will increase said run time even more. The M20A has 3 other output modes, each less demanding of the battery than the last. The low output modes allow you to use your light for hours on end without having to worry about your batteries dying. Sunwayman also equipped the M20A with a rotatory ring that is used for selecting the output mode. Being able to use the rotary ring means you won’t have to memorize any complicated sequence just to use your light; a simple turn of the ring is all it takes to cycle through each of the M20A’s 4 output modes.

Sunwayman is known for quality in manufacturing. Attention to quality control not only makes a reliable tool, but also an attractive one. You’ll be proud to show this one off.