The satin titanium Mini123 was a limited edition version of the regular black Mini123 that 4Sevens is still producing. What set this light apart from the current production model is the satin titanium finish along with the S3 emitter. The S3 LED is one of the more rare LED’s being used today. There just aren’t that many lights that have been equipped with that emitter. The rarity of the bulb and the quality of materials used made this light a very sought after piece for flashlight enthusiasts. This particular model is no longer being made, but there is always some chance that 4Sevens will do another run.

The S3 version of the Mini123 shares its user interface with regular production version of the Mini, offering the same ease of use as the other models. In every day usage this light isn’t much different than the Mini123 that we have on our site. If you missed out on getting one of the limited edition models don’t fret; 4Sevens is still making its first cousin, and we have him in stock.