An EDC (every day carry) flashlight should be compact, durable, and most importantly, bright. The Sunwayman C10A fits that role perfectly.

What good does a flashlight do you if you never have it on you? That is where size comes into play. The C10A is small enough to comfortably slip into a pocket and light enough to forget it’s there. Sunwayman is synonymous with quality which means this light will likely outlast the user. Using a single AA battery pushing a Cree R5 LED, the C10A is able to crank out a very respectable 140 lumens on high, which is more than enough for most situations. Three lower output modes allow you to dial in the exact amount of light needed at the time, while also conserving battery life.

Small size and big output makes this offering from Sunwayman perfect for the role it was meant to play. As an EDC flashlight, the C10A ranks among the best money can buy.