Just a couple of days ago, we introduced the AA powered, 280 Spark SD52 headlamp: a powerful and compact light with a bunch of nifty features. The Spark SD73 is similar to its counterpart with the magnetic back accessory, the optional screw-in reflector piece, and the simple to use interface. However, the main difference between the two is the battery type: the Spark SD73 is powered by three AAA batteries, and can produce a maximum output of 300 lumens when using Sanyo Eneloop batteries (alkaline batteries have a tendency to leak and can corrode the flashlight. The Eneloops will not leak,and also give the light a higher output). By using AAA instead of AA, the SD73 does have a smaller diameter than its SD52 counterpart, and also reduces the weight of the light. The SD73 headlamp does come in a cool white (CW) and a neutral white (NW), in which there is a seven percent performance decrease in the neutral white compared to the cool white. For those that are looking for a very versatile light that comes standard with some unique accessories and a very comfortable head strap, the SD73 does make a great choice for those that like a compact work light that doubles over as a headlight.