Otherwise known as “Mr. Elfin”, the Sunwayman M11R is a powerful light that’s compacted into a three inch long body. Powered by a single CR123 cell, this light comes equipped with a high output of 180 lumens from its XM-L U2 LED along with three different modes to ensure the capability to adjust the output to fit the user’s needs, leaving the tail cap empty and flat for tail standing abilities (that comes in very handy when the power goes out). However, the light can produce an even brighter output of 230 lumens with an RCr123/16340 lithium-ion battery, which makes a significant difference for those that are looking for a very bright and very compact pocket light. While the standard color for most flashlights is the traditional matte black color, Sunwayman provided customers with a choice of tan, natural (gray), and dark gray (black).