The Fenix PD20 was a fantastic EDC pocket light thanks to its small body and impressive output, along with having a great price. While most users found the PD20 to be an impressive light, the engineers at Fenix decided that the light could use an upgrade: integrate an even easier user interface with the same design and features of the older model. The Fenix PD22 is simply the PD20, but with a dual switch operation instead of one. This allows the user to access all of the light’s modes by pressing the side switch on the light and even allowing access to the strobe feature. Powered by a single cell CR123, the PD22 can push 180 lumens with its R5 LED, making it perfect for a pocket throwing light. Just like the rest of the Fenix flashlight line, this light comes standard with the IPX-8 waterproof rating, and makes for a great pocket light for your daily needs.