Whenever people like to camp or go outdoors, there tends to be a big push for people to pick two different lights: one traditional, handheld flashlight and a hands-free light. This is a great option, but to pick two separate lights for one event can really take a toll on the wallet. Fortunately, Rofis found a way to solve this age-old issue, and has released the JR10, JR20 and JR30 Transformer flashlights.

Inspired by the robots themselves, the Transformer lights have the ability to go from a traditional flashlight to “transform” into an angle light by twisting the head of the light until it reaches a 90 degree angle. As mentioned previously, the strong point behind this light is its ability to be used as a hands-free light, which comes in handy for camping or any kind of work that requires both hands. While most people may assume that the pivoting capability of the Transformers would compromise the waterproofing, all three of the lights do come standard with the IPX-8 waterproof rating: meaning the light is submersible up to two meters.

Each light uses a CREE XP-G R5 LED, which makes the light better at throwing, yet the short reflector does allow a fair amount of throw. The JR10 has a high output of 180 lumens and takes a single CR123, the JR20 produces up to 310 lumens and takes two CR123’s, and the JR30 produces 120 lumens and takes a single AA battery.