Nitecore has a very impressive tactical flashlight line that covers a broad spectrum of wants and needs for flashlight users alike. The last Niteye flashlight we reviewed was the TF25, which is a great light for those that are looking for a beam that has a good amount of throw and a great amount of flood with its over-sized head and a ramping ring that allows a customized output. But for those that are looking for a light with a smaller profile and a no-nonsense interface approach that packs a punch, the Niteye TR20 tactical flashlight is a great candidate.

Starting with the most unique feature of the light, the TR20 is actually a rechargeable light (but batteries are NOT included). By using the connection port that is located towards the head of the light, the battery does not have to be removed from the light, making it a simple package for those that are not looking to invest in a battery charging set up. The charging port is protected by a rubber stopper, which keeps out dirt and also allows the TR20 to maintain its IPX-8 waterproof rating.

Powered by either two CR123 batteries or a single 18650, the light’s CREE XM-L U2 LED can produce up to 650 lumens, and has a total of three simple modes that are all managed by the tail switch. By quickly pressing on the tail switch, the user can cycle through a high, low, and strobe mode until the preferred mode is chosen. Once selected, the light should be left on that mode for a minimum of two seconds before turning it off in order to allow the light to memorize the last mode used.

This light is a great choice for those that are looking to minimize cost by excluding an external charging unit, or for those that are looking for a high-powered light with simple functionality.