As stated previously, Niteye has a wide range of flashlights that fits the needs of any flashlight user. Regarding the tactical flashlight division of Niteye, there are a few variations of the T series lights, in which there is a unique characteristic that makes each light stand out from the other.

What makes the Niteye TS20 stand out from the other T series lights is its simplicity. By only using a tail switch to turn the light on/off and a side switch to access the modes, the TS20 is a perfect light for those that are looking for a simple interface that can easily be used either on a rail mount or as a stand alone light.

The TS20 uses a CREE XM-L U2 LED that is powered by two CR123’s or a single 18650 battery to produce 650 ANSI lumens, packing a lot of lumens into such a small body. Unlike the TF25’s over-sized head, the slimmer profile of the TS20’s body allows the light to be mounted easily to a wide array of weapons, and it has been designed to handle any type of recoil or drops.

All in all, if you’re looking for a light like the TR20, but something with an easier interface, the Niteye TS20 fulfills all of the requirements for any tactical flashlight user.