When the air starts to smell crisp and the leaves begin to fall, I know it is time for me to get back to the outdoors! I absolutely love being in the woods or on a trail in Autumn. Each year, I try to plan at least one camping trip during the season. I am so excited about this years trip; some friends and I are going to Blue Ridge to escape from the monotony of  office work, and the hustle and bustle of traffic at rush hour in Atlanta.  I haven’t been to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia since I went there on a field trip back in the fifth grade, so it will feel as if I am getting to visit a new place for the very first time. We are renting a cabin, going fishing, horseback riding, apple picking, and hiking. Honestly, I am looking the most forward to hiking. I have always found so much serenity and peace when I am on a trail and at one with nature, especially during my favorite season!

I would love to know where people are traveling this Fall as well as what their favorite thing to do outdoors is during this time of year!