As an up and coming flashlight company, Niteye is becoming well-known for their magnetically ramping lights: ranging from the monstrous 2000 lumen EYE30, to the tactical TF series. Now, Niteye has released their pocket-sized EDC light that can produce up to 500 lumens with an XM-L U2 LED: the Niteye EYE10.

Using only a rotary to control the interface of the light, the EYE10 allows the user to pick a custom lumen output, and clicks to ensure a hold on the mode (also can be used to count how many clicks to get to your favorite setting). With the lens and LED protected by a stainless steel bezel, the head of the light is reinforced for any kind of impact, and can also double over as an aesthetic appeal to the light. By relying on only using the ring, the tail of the light can be used to attach a lanyard or key chain ring, that makes the light very versatile and easy to grab. It can also be used as a tail stand light, which does come in very handy for power outages, or for a main light while in a tent or car.

The Niteye EYE10 is a fantastic pocket light with a solid ramping ring to control the output, and a sleek design gives the light an executive look.