The 4Sevens Quark RGB is the light that I find myself wandering over to mess with more than any other light in the store. It features a really neat version of the CREE MC-E LED, which is used in big and bright lights like the JETBeam M1X, Olight M30, and Fenix Tk40. The MC-E has four dies, which is basically the same as four LEDs on the same chip. The big and bright lights use four white dies to put out a ton of light, but the RGB has four different colored dies. As is hopefully obvious from the name, the colors are red, green, blue, and white. Each die can be powered and run separately, so you can access each one individually. This gives you four colors in one light without having to use filters or use a ton of LEDs crammed in the head.

When the head of the RGB is tightened, the light is always white. When the head is loosened, you have the choice between the red, green, and blue. Each time you tighten and loosen the head, you switch to a new color. The RGB has the same modes as the other Quark models, five brightnesses, strobe, SOS, and beacon. Tap the switch when the light is on to switch modes.

The reflector on the light is wide and shallow, which is nice to see on a light. A lot of lights these days are going after optimum throw (lighting up far away objects), but the RGB’s reflector will spill the light in a wide area in front of the light, lighting up a lot of area at once.

Enough flashlight nerd talk, here is a flashlight nerd video: