Niteye’s TF25 has really impressed us with its unique features and strong design points, which is why it stands out compared to other flashlights in its category.

At first glance, people can notice that the TF25 has been designed with the intention to perform better than the competition by adding an over-sized smooth reflector in the head of the flashlight, that when it is combined with the CREE XM-L LED, it has a fantastic amount of throw, and an impressive amount of spill. The modes on the light can be accessed through Niteye’s infamous ramping ring, that includes a range from 2 to 500 lumens, and a very useful strobe feature.

The lights structure is very sound as well, being constructed out of aerospace aluminum and having an IPX-8 waterproof rating ensure that this tactical flashlight can hold up to some of the toughest conditions, and will minimize any chance of surprise.