The high-powered, multiple LED flashlight craze has been kicking up a storm within the last couple of years with the release of the JETBeam RRT-3, Nitecore TM11, and the Klarus XT20 to name a few. A newer company, known as Niteye (makers of the EYE10, a 500 lumen EDC flashlight) has stepped up to the plate and has released three new multiple LED flashlights that are in the 2000+ lumen range. In this review, we will be discussing the first of the three released flashlights: the Niteye EYE25.

Using three CREE XM-L U2 LED’s to produce 2000 ANSI rated lumens, the EYE25 is an impressive light right off the bat. Using two 18650s or four CR123 batteries, the EYE25 has an incredibly easy user interface that is managed through the ramping ring, located towards the head of the flashlight. With the ramping ring, the user can control the range between the max of 2000 lumens, and a low output of 100 lumens. There is also a strobe feature that can be accessed by twisting the ring to the farthest left, that will be sure to devastate any potential attacker.

Compared to its competitors, the statistics match up evenly across the board in lumen output and battery consumption, but where it stands out best is in price. At $199, the Niteye EYE25 is the best dollar-per-lumen ratio for the high end flashlight realm, and from how we’ve tested it and reviewed it, the light is just as reliable and durable as the rest.