There’s a lot of people that tend to think that the bigger or brighter their flashlight is, that the better it will be. However, a big and bright light won’t be of any use if it is out of power, and being stuck in the dark without a light source can be trouble. That is why it’s always a good idea to have a backup light or a key chain light, just like the Nitecore T2S flashlight.

Powered by a single AAA battery, the Nitecore T2S is not a powerful light, but it is a reliable light. The small body of the T2S allows the user to attach the light to almost any point (key chain, backpack, pocket, etc.) that can be easily accessed if needed be. By using a twist head interface, the light can cycle through three modes: low, medium, and high, allowing the light to keep a small profile and making it easy for anyone to use. The body of the light is constructed out of the same heavy duty aluminum as the other higher end flashlights, and even maintains the IPX-8 waterproof capability, making it a great light for handling almost any element.