Winter is coming, and no, I am not referring to the HBO series “The Game of Thrones” either.

Every year, as summer and its warm temperatures make their way towards the southern hemisphere for a few months, we get to experience the frigid winters with shortened days, and excessive holiday music playing over retail store speakers that seems to start earlier and earlier. Along with winter comes the preparation of winter camping, hiking, and for those that are crazy enough to do them: winter kayaking, meaning that there will be plenty of time to spend outdoors in the freezing temperatures. This year, as you’re looking through the catalogs and websites for the perfect insulation layer that will keep you toasty, you may want to take a look at Arc’Teryx’s Atom LT jacket for a couple of reasons.

Right off the bat, Arc’Teryx puts a lot of thought and innovation into their designs, which are tested strenuously by their sponsored athletes, and having one of the largest Research & Development programs in the world that will modify any necessary changes. The Atom LT is no exception to the rule either with its strategically-placed pocket design that allows the user to access the zippers while wearing a pack, eliminating the need to remove the backpack. The athletic fitting of the Atom LT series fits snug on the torso and arms, which-combined with the Coreloft  traps body heat and can immediately warm the wearer regardless of when the jacket was initially worn. The close fit also synchronizes with any Arc’Teryx hard shell or rain jacket thanks to the layering technology that has been engineered into their entire line of apparel.There is also a hoody version of the jacket, which does a great job keeping the head and ears toasty in cold and windy conditions.

If you’re looking for a windproof, lightweight, durable jacket that can double over as an insulation layer, the Atom LT or LT hoody is a great place to start looking.