In a previous post, I went over the EagleTac D25 flashlight series (D25C, D25A, D25LC2, D25A2), which covered four variations of EagleTac’s well-known pocket lights. The difference between that D25 series and this series lies in the upgraded XM-L LEDs and the new tail switch application. By using a CREE XM-L LED, the D25 series lights are now much brighter than their predecessors, which gives the user a great amount of light in a very small body. The tail switch of the Clicky series moves the focus of changing interface from the twist head to the tail switch, making it much easier to use for first time flashlight users. The stainless steel bezel on the D25 Clicky series has been painted to match the color of the rest of the body, which actually gives the light a better look while still giving the same amount of protection to the lens and emitter. All four lights come standard with the IPX-8 waterproof rating and are constructed out of heavy duty aluminum. All in all, the D25 series is a great choice for those that are looking for a reliable EDC pocket light that is very bright along with an easy-to-use interface.